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Enjoying a sunny day at the beach, starting the early evening with a cold Savanna (South African cider) after a long kite-session, and getting ready for one of the parties - yes, Zanzibar offers the whole package :) 

Here is the ultimate party calendar of the Zanzibar's east coast, repeating every week: 

Monday: Life Bands at red monkey - Jambiani (afro, raggae)

Tuesday: B4 DJ set from about 4pm until 22.00 - Paje (house, techno, electro)

Wednesday: Vuvusela (African beats) / Oxygen (live DJ)

Thursday: Demani lodge (African beats)

Friday: Jambo beach party - Paje (african beats), life bands at mahali

Saturday: B4 DJ set (house, techno, electro)

Sunday: Ndame daytime vibes - Paje

Well, this is the party calendar, but if you're not interested in big parties, there are plenty of bars where you can also just enjoy the end of another beautiful day in paradise. 

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