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Zanzibar, manly PAJE, is known as one of the most beautiful spots for kitesurfing all over the world. Why? The coral barrier reef is about 1 km away from the beach, which creates a super safe and beautiful colored lagoon for kitesurfers. If you love outdoor water activities, you shouldn't miss the chance to try it out. It is a sport for types of people for pretty much all ages.

This outstanding sport connects wind, water and gravity. Beginners can learn the sport in knee-deep water, while advanced kitesurfers can progress their level in the waves on the reef. And for the lazy girlfriends, there's always good smoothies and cocktails right by the beach;)


You'll find a few excellent kiteschools on the island - just be aware of super cheap deals as in some cases, this also can stand for cheap material and poor safety. Kitesurfing is fun, but as every sport, it can be dangerous. We can strongly recommend Aquaholics Zanzibar for your Kitesurf Experience. You can easily book your kiting lessons on arrival.

Learn how to soothe your inner and outer dragon;) 

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