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Welcome to the path of FALLINGCOCO

Once upon a time, there was a coco living in a save and known environment. The system worked perfectly and all the coconuts were at the right place and respected the rules, they were told from one generation to the next.  Coco followed these guidelines trying to fit into the community.

29 years later, coco suddenly started to think about the deeper meaning of life. Questions like “is that all”, “do I have to put tradition in front of my own dreams" suddenly came up...

Even if everything in this system worked quite well, coco wanted to live its best life, having mind-blowing experiences and enjoy every single moment on this planet. Connecting with others, exploring the diversity and building up an own mind - all these feelings made coming up a strong wish of escaping this daily routine to see more than the safe home tree.

“I want to see the reality, unfiltered and true”!

Actually, for those wondering... coco is a synonym for myself and I didn’t spend my life hanging on a tree but the rest of the story is true (more or less;) 

The beginning of an exciting journey mostly doesn’t come from perfect circumstances but is born out of difficulties in life everybody is facing from time to time. The good thing out of bad things is that they are making us stronger and more focused on the deep dreams awaking in our soul, the more we’re conscious about them.   Anita.B.

Move fearless. Live free.

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