"Buy a ticket, get a tan, fall in love and never return"

FALLINGCOCO is all about your well deserved time away from work and hustle. I assist you with your upcoming trip to Zanzibar. You'll find helpful information and advice right from the source and everything in one place. I will also be posting updates from the island, as for example upcoming events, camps, festivals and more.  



Who am I?

My name is Anita, I am from Switzerland, studied marketing and always have been passionate about travelling.

I've been visiting over 20 different countries when I first travelled to Zanzibar in 2019. Only 6 months later, I returned and since then, the island work as a magnet and keep bringing me back.

When I first read the saying above, I was just about to leave for a 6-month world travel. Now, I realize that it says more about me than I ever thought: I'm a mountain lover and beach bum in one ;)

Last but not least I did not only fall in love WITH the island, but also ON the island, finding myself in a relationship with a man from the Sea, a "children of the tide"... 

As I do know a few things about the beautiful island on the Indian Ocean and simply because I like being creative, I am happy to share my insights on this page and send you some good vibes from the South...

...until the day you can find yourself in front of the crystal clear water of Zanzibar yourself :) 

Let's create good memories - Sea you! 


This is me

Fallingcoco Travel Zanzibar Portrait
  • Travel addicted

  • Open minded

  • Adventurous

  • Connecting with people

  • Marketing

  • Passionate kitesurfer

  • Yoga instructor

My motto: Living life to the fullest and NOT always chosing the easy way, but the exciting one... 


Fallingcoco Travel Zanzibar Kitesurf
Fallingcoco Travel Zanzibar Dog & Ocean
Fallingcoco Travel Zanzibar Puppy