Known for a huge variety of spices, Zanzibar offers a lot of amazing dishes. Of course, seafood and curries are one of the most famous types of dishes in Zanzibar and for sure worth to try.  

The also very famous "chapatti" - a flatbread you can find in most of the streetfrood shops - is a super delicious local food usually filled with a joice of vegetable, meat or tuna. 

As touristic place, Zanzibar of course offers international food also: You can find pizza, burger, meat, sushi, mexican food and much more.  


The breakfast in Zanzibar is a bomb of goodness: It usually contains a smoothie or just cutted fresh fruits as Mango, Papaya, Pinapple and banana, coming with Eggs in different styles (spanish omelette, cooked, fried...), French toast, beans and more. The coffee is mostly a filtert coffee. There is places like Mr. Kahawa (east coast) which is a very famous place right in front of the ocean offering great breakfast and probably even more important: A great and strong italian coffee in the morning! 


We are on an island with loads of cocktails choices, fresh juices, wine (mostly from South Africa), the very famous local beers (Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, Ndovu, Safari) and Savanna (South African Cider). You are not going to find Heineken, but believe me, you'll not miss it. If you'd like to taste some international strong beers, the Restaurant Balladin offers IPA, Indian Pale Ale and more. 

As you can see, you're soul is going to be filled with good stuff :)